Pricelist / General Terms and Conditions



1. Terminal handling charges for intermodal transport units (ITU) (including visual checking)

- wagon/truck – terminal

- terminal – wagon/truck

ITU type – ISO container                                       EUR 30,00 / handling (gate in or gate out)

all other types of ITU                                             EUR 40,00 / handling (gate in or gate out)


2. Extra handlings caused by alternation of instructions (Customs insp., manipulation with cords etc.)

ITU type – ISO container                                       EUR 50,00 / handling

all other types of ITU                                             EUR 60,00 / handling


3. Storage of ITU

ITU type – ISO container                        - full        EUR 5,00 / TEU / DAY – 2 days free of charge

                                                               - empty    EUR 1,50 / TEU / DAY – 2 days free of charge

all other types of ITU                              - full         EUR 10,00 / ITU / DAY – 2 days free of charge

                                                               - empty    EUR 3,00 / ITU / DAY – 2 days free of charge

Maximal period of storage for ITU which is not customs cleared is 90 days.

(free days of storage are including a day of arrival and a day of departure of container to/from terminal)

Storage of ADR/RID shipments is prohibited. ADR/RID shipments can be handled only in transit.


4. Fee for cooling of reefer ITU at terminal

Handling to a position of cooling                            EUR 30,00 / ITU

Cooling – from a day of arrival                               EUR 50,00 / ITU / day

PTI test                                                                   EUR 50,00 / ITU

Handling to a position of PTI test                           EUR 50,00 / ITU


5. Fee for electrical heating of izotermic ITU at terminal

Handling to a position of heating                            EUR 30,00 / ITU

Heating – from a day of arrival                                EUR 50,00 / ITU / day


6. Other (subject to previous negotiation and consent of TIP Žilina):

CIM bill of landing (processing and electronic consignation)             EUR 10,00 / CIM

Photographic documentation of technical state of ITU                       EUR 30,00 / ITU + necessary handling

Personal inspection of full or empty ITU on terminal                          EUR 45,00 / commenced hour + necessary handling


7. Container repairs

Work hour per person                                             EUR 45,00

Handling                                                                  EUR 30,00

ERF                                                                         EUR 10,00


8. Customs services

8.1 Charges for Customs Inspection

Price of customs checking at TIP ŽILINA terminal based on decision of the custom office.

Complete checking (total unloading; includes also delivery to checking place):

20’ ctr.                                                         EUR 285,-

40’ ctr.                                                         EUR 390,-

40‘ high cube ctr.                                         EUR 465,-

45’ ctr.                                                          EUR 570,-

Partial checking: The price of the checking will be counted as percentage rate of the complete checking according to extent of really performed checking, for each checking there will be counted at least 50 EUR.

8.2 Charges for dedicated customs area

  • 1,25 EUR / TEU / day  


9. VGM - determining the total weight of the container for the purposes of the SOLAS maritime convention

9.1 VGM ordered in advance before the arrival of the container truck to the terminal. Price includes weighing, issuing a certificate and sending a scanned copy of the certificate to email.

  • EUR 30.00 / ITU

9.2 additionally ordered VGM, eg. ordered after the container arrives at the terminal or delivered by rail. Price includes weighing, issuing a certificate and sending a scanned copy of the certificate to email.

  • EUR 30.00 / ITU + 2 x handling – each handling per EUR 30.00 ( EUR 90.00 in total )


TIP Žilina does not provide shunting service to and from terminal, because it is not an owner or operator of the rail infrastructure.


VALIDITY:            Price offer is valid till 30.09.2020 or till revocation


An integral part of the Price List of terminal operations are General conditions of terminal TIP Žilina, s.r.o.

All prices are in EUR currency.

All prices are without VAT.

Invoice is due within 14 days of the invoice date.


Kind regards,


TIP Žilina, s.r.o.
Ing. Peter Siroťák and Peter Aufricht
Managing directors

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